Electronica Exposed


Club Concrete | CCON006 | 1 x 12" Vinyl | 04.07.2005 | Hard House


A. James Xavier & The Mexican 'Beating Heart' [MP3]
B. James Xavier 'Video Star' [MP3]


► Vinyl: Out Of Print. This vinyl is no longer available.
► CD / Digital Download: Available on: EECD018 - Club Concrete - The Complete Works.


01.2005 >> Review By Tom Harding In IDJ Magazine
"As some of you may have noticed, I've been giving Club Concrete a lot of support recently, since I think they're a label who can go far. 'Beating Heart' is yet another fine track from CC, and a great example of a hard dance record that's had some thought put into it. With ideas aplenty and oodles of energy throughout, 'Beating Heart' is all you can hope for in a hard dance track and will set your dance floor alight. 4/5."

03.2005 >> Review By Guffy In Mixmag Magazine
"The Club Concrete gang have been sending over some good tackle from release one but it's number six where it comes of age. 'Beating Heart' is dark, moody chugger but it's 'Video Star' that screams 'anthem'."

"Club Concrete comes of age with this groover."

03.2005 >> Review By Simon Eve In DJ Magazine
"It's no surprise to hear of a Mexican trying to cross borders, and The Mexican and James Xavier nimbly traverse several hard dance boundaries in 'Beating Heart'. It's an intriguing mix of tech-edged grooves overlaid with energetic hard house stabs and gritty, bubbly synth lines that have psy-trance qualities, all topped off by a dark and distinctive vocal that should get your heart beating double-time. James Xavier goes solo on the flipside in 'Video Star', a hooky cut 'n' loop vocal number underpinned by an underground groove in another forward-thinking production for more discerning listeners. 3/5."

05.2005 >> Review By Guy Garrett In Update Magazine
"An Interesting combination of hard dance, disco rhythms and scary vocals sum up this beefy tune on Club Concrete. It may not be hands in the air but itıs a good quality acid track to break up your set. Worth a play for many genre's. 3/5."


Packaged In Club Concrete 12" Disco Bag
306mm x 312mm x 2mm


℗ 2005 Electronica Exposed. İ 2005 Electronica Exposed. All rights of the producer and of the owner of the works reproduced reserved. Unauthorised copying, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting of this record is prohibited. The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Electronica Exposed. Released and produced by Electronica Exposed.

Executive production by Richard Andrews and James Thompson. Mastered by Tim Dennen at Unity Mastering. Artwork by Kerry Sumner.

A. Written by James Thompson and Richard Andrews. Produced by James Thompson and Richard Andrews. Engineered by James Thompson. Published by Copyright Control.
B. Written by James Thompson. Produced by James Thompson. Engineered by James Thompson. Published by Copyright Control.

İ 2002- Electronica Exposed