Electronica Exposed


Dusk Till Dawn | DTD005 | 1 x 12" Vinyl | 13.11.2006 | Happy Hardcore


A. The Acolyte Featuring Amy 'Draw To You' [MP3]
B. The Acolyte Featuring Amy 'Draw To You (Cube::Hard Remix)' [MP3]


► Vinyl: Out Of Print. This vinyl is no longer available.
► CD / Digital Download: Available on: EECD017 - Dusk Till Dawn - The Complete Works.


09.2006 >> Review By Sarah Wiles In IDJ Magazine
"The Acolyte's latest is a trancey vocal piece that isn't instantly memorable as the female vocal is very weak. The main piano line is energetic but the overstretched, light vocal doesn't compliment it very well - it needs more power to compliment the strong riff. Cube::Hard's uplifting rework gives it much more depth and a fuller sound, allowing the vocal to come to the forefront of the track - much tighter but still a bit of a blip on the horizon. 2/5."

09.2006 >> Review By Allan McGrath In ATM Magazine
"Dusk Till Dawn keeps up the pressure with another effort from Australian talent The Acolyte and his female vocalist Amy. Tight bouncy percussion, cheeky edits and some choice vocal samples lead us into a rushing, spine-tingling '96 style piano and a classy vocal that leaves the cheese factor at the door. Sadly, the track never fully capitalises on the retro-ecstasy of the piano crecendos, instead leading into a slightly generic trance lead. Cube::Hard's remix adds a forgiving gloss and serves as another firm reminder of his undoubted talents: his paced up, groove-filled bass rhythms and two mega-musical breakdowns adding the padding to rising waves of musical melody."


Packaged In Dusk Till Dawn 12" Disco Bag
311mm x 306mm x 2mm


℗ 2006 Electronica Exposed. 2006 Electronica Exposed. All rights of the producer and of the owner of the works reproduced reserved. Unauthorised copying, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting of this record is prohibited. The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Electronica Exposed. Released and produced by Electronica Exposed.

Executive production by Richard Andrews and James Thompson. Mastered by Tim Dennen at Unity Mastering. Artwork by Kerry Sumner.

A. Written by Sam Gonzalez. Produced by Sam Gonzalez. Vocals performed by Amy Ayling. Engineered by Sam Gonzalez. Published by All Media Music.
B. Written by Sam Gonzalez. Produced by Sam Gonzalez. Vocals performed by Amy Ayling. Engineered by Sam Gonzalez. Remix and additional production by Tom Wright. Published by All Media Music.

2002- Electronica Exposed