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Electroplates | EPLATE001 | LIMITED EDITION (150 Copies) | 1 x 12" Vinyl | 19.09.2005 | Freeform/Finrg


A. Carbon Based 'Underworld Species' [MP3]
B. DOK 'Mental Ward (Carbon Based Remix)' [MP3]


► Vinyl: Out Of Print. This vinyl is no longer available.
► CD / Digital Download: Available on: EECD016 - Electroplates - The Complete Works.


12.2005 >> Review By The Acolyte In M8 Magazine
"Straight out of Finland, Carbon Based unleashes an uplifting freeform offering with 'Underworld Species' marking Electroplates first release. This slab of trancey freeform will take you back to the early days of freeform in the late '90s with its dreamy riffs, energizing percussion and its rolling basslines. 'Underworld Species', filled with loads of filter sweeps is a driving piece of work that moves and flows beautifully and is perfect for any freeform set. If you are a fan of Finnish freeform and their creative use of twisted effects, this is a must for your collection. M6/M8."

05.2005 >> Review By Pearsall on onepearsallandhistunes.blogspot.com
"Carbon Based 'Underworld Species'. Epic opening, like the winter sun rising over one of the thousands of Finnish lakes. A slow, stuttering rhythm creaks into action beneath the sweeping pads; the quiet before the storm. Then suddenly that drops out and, unprepared by the calm of before, the kick and twirling bass launch into action. Soon they are joined by an insistent one-note riff, that one ray of light, the tip of a lit cigarette waving in the corner of a dark room. Then a classic spider-riff rifles snarlingly in, leering over the beat with the knowledge that, when if you're there when it's 170 bpm, you are one of the committed. Then, of course, the breakdown, which sees the reprise of the intro, but with the addition of a couple more layers of riffology. The ticking sound of a night winding down, the sound of an early morning, dancing in the rising light, forcing yourself through a wall of exhaustion to keep moving. Epic and beautiful, this track, perhaps more than anything else they've done, expertly balances the light and dark within the Finnish sound.

DOK 'Mental Ward (Carbon Based Remix)'. This is where Carbon Based take DOK's darkside freeform classic and strip it down and charge it up, Suomi-style. If the original version was a mean-assed Harley Davidson of a tune, all gutteral roars and thundering engines, this remix is a souped-up Superbike of a tune. A coming-out party for all the little synth tricks they have up their sleeves, this tune is a compilation of some of the most intense digital riffage ever concocted. Furiously unstoppable energy. It fires through the speakers like a missile. Describing it is almost pointless... what more is there to say than that they bettered a classic?"


Packaged In Black 12" Disco Bag
308mm x 306mm x 2mm


℗ 2005 Electronica Exposed. 2005 Electronica Exposed. All rights of the producer and of the owner of the works reproduced reserved. Unauthorised copying, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting of this record is prohibited. The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Electronica Exposed. Released and produced by Electronica Exposed.

Executive production by Richard Andrews. Mastered by Tim Dennen at Unity Mastering. Artwork by Simon Steeden.

A. Written by Toni Eronen. Produced by Toni Eronen. Engineered by Toni Eronen. Recorded at CB Studio, Finland. Published by Copyright Control.
B. Written by DOK. Produced by DOK. Engineered by DOK. Recorded at DOK's Studio, London. Remix and additional production by Toni Eronen and Ari Virtanen. Recorded at CB Studio, Finland. Published by Copyright Control.

2002- Electronica Exposed