Electronica Exposed


Electroplates | EPLATE003 | LIMITED EDITION (150 Copies) | 1 x 12" Vinyl | 09.01.2006 | Freeform/Finrg


A. Alek Száhala 'Tigris' [MP3]
B. Carbon Based 'Painkiller' [MP3]


► Vinyl: Out Of Print. This vinyl is no longer available.
► CD / Digital Download: Available on: EECD016 - Electroplates - The Complete Works.


05.2005 >> Review By Pearsall on onepearsallandhistunes.blogspot.com
"Carbon Based 'Painkiller'. Simple DJ mix intro into a gnarly bassline that always makes me think of someone frantically tearing off flower petals. I know I have an overactive imagination, it's just that it sounds like someone is ripping pieces off of it even as you hear it. Sample time ("I was hallucinating, there was a blind spot in my head") then a detuned riff saws through the mix with strange industrial sounds flickering in the background. The whole thing sounds submerged, like a dark room somewhere deep beneath the city, blanketed by smoke and strobes. Breakdown time and the main riff comes in, ultra-insistent, a revolving two-step juggernaut. As it kicks back in it reminds you of those tracks you'd hear late late late at night, mad staring eyes looking out across the mutant aerobics on the dancefloor. Fiercely pummeling sound and energy, the whole thing compressed together like a renegade dark star sucking up light itself. Lacking in a memorable main riff like a lot of hard dance, this simply pummels you into submission."


Packaged In Black 12" Disco Bag
308mm x 306mm x 2mm


℗ 2006 Electronica Exposed. © 2006 Electronica Exposed. All rights of the producer and of the owner of the works reproduced reserved. Unauthorised copying, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting of this record is prohibited. The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Electronica Exposed. Released and produced by Electronica Exposed.

Executive production by Richard Andrews. Mastered by Tim Dennen at Unity Mastering. Artwork by Simon Steeden.

A. Written by Aleksi Sahala. Produced by Aleksi Sahala. Engineered by Aleksi Sahala. Recorded at AS Studio, Finland. Published by Copyright Control.
B. Written by Ari Virtanen. Produced by Ari Virtanen. Engineered by Ari Virtanen and Toni Eronen. Recorded at CB Studio, Finland. Published by Copyright Control.

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