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OTPR - CD Albums | One Five | OFCD001 | 3xCD | 03.12.2007 | Happy Hardcore/Freeform


CD1/3 - Mixed By Kurt B2B Stormtrooper
01. Robbie Long & A.M.S. 'Hardcore Rush (Orbit1 Remix)'
02. Gammer & JB-C 'Happy Hard House'
03. DJ Helical v DJ Stormtrooper Featuring Sam Davage 'Come With Me'
04. Kurt 'World Domination'
05. DJ Chewy 'Rock This Place (Kurt Remix)'
06. DJ Silver v The Acolyte 'Thug Connected (Orbit1 Remix)'
07. Kurt v Keyes 'Twilight Zone (Exclusive HU Mash-Up Mix)'
08. Tommy L & Kurt 'Fcuk You Biatch'
09. 2 Damn Tuff 'Blow The Roof 2007'
10. Gavin G & Sytronik 'Sorry (Hujib's Lethal Bounce Remix)'
11. Stabilized Featuring The MD 'Rock Paranoia'
12. Kurt 'Right About Now'
13. Injured Rezz & The MD 'Coke In The Nose'
14. DJ Stormtrooper Featuring MC Knight 'Hardcore Raver'
15. DJ Wink 'Over Me (Kurt Remix)'
16. Ethos & Nemesis 'Hardcore Generation'
17. DJ Seduction v Joey Riot v Kurt 'Don't Hold The Bassline (Exclusive HU Mix)'
18. Darwin 'Go This Way'
19. Entity & Darwin 'End Of Time (HU Mix)'
20. Al Twisted & JFX 'Belgian Waffle (Joey Riot Remix)'

CD2/3 - Mixed By Fracus B2B Al Storm
01. Fracus & Al Storm Featuring Lisa Marie 'Without You (HU Intro Mix)'
02. Flyin' & Sparky 'Report To The Dancefloor'
03. Impact & Resist 'All I Want (Sy & Unknown Remix)'
04. Al Storm 'Want To Party?'
05. BLG Featuring Kelly C 'Can You Feel The Passion? (Mike Euphony Remix)'
06. Al Storm 'Elektro Therapy'
07. Fracus & Orbit1 Featuring Lisa Abbott 'Always Stay With Me (Fracus Mix)'
08. Billy "Daniel" Bunter & CLSM Featuring Junior 'Cry Your Tears (Al Storm Remix)'
09. Fracus Featuring Donna Grassie 'Heartbreaker'
10. Inverse Featuring Sally 'I Need You (Ultravibes Remix)'
11. Slipmatt 'Jump Around (Fracus Remix)'
12. Fracus Featuring Andy L 'When We're Together'
13. Al Storm v Heaven 7 'Take Me Away (Al Storm's Breakz Mix)'
14. Petrol Heads Featuring Kate, Dee & MC Chit Chat 'See 4 Eva (Cube::Hard Remix)'
15. Chywhynny & Orbit1 'A Clean Cry Won't Do'
16. Al Storm Featuring Ali 'Rain'
17. Weaver Featuring Andy L 'Sun Is Shining'
18. Sunrize Featuring Reese 'Take Control (HU Edit)'
19. SMS Featuring Donna Grassie 'Freefallin'
20. Euphony Featuring Danielle 'Turnaround (Nu Foundation Remix)'

CD3/3 - Mixed By Darwin B2B Nu Foundation B2B Arkitech
01. Buzzmasta 'Cloudy Day (Steel Head Mix)'
02. Audio X Featuring Serenity 'Drug Abuse'
03. Ruffage & Chywhynny 'Pretty Pink Flower'
04. XL 'What It Takes'
05. Kevin Energy 'Tribal Resistance'
06. Billy "Daniel" Bunter & CLSM Featuring Leah Symons 'My Desire (CLSM Remix)'
07. Ponder 'Nimbus'
08. Alek Száhala 'Alanamra (Arkitech Remix)'
09. Invader & Shanty 'Danse Macabre'
10. Darwin 'All The Time'
11. DJ Cruze & DJ Breaks Featuring MC Friction 'Rockin To The Flavour'
12. Nu Foundation 'I Can Feel It'
13. Darwin 'Takes You Back'
14. Kevin Energy & K Complex 'Suck My Rock (Ethos & Stormtrooper Remix)'
15. Darwin Featuring Donna Grassie 'Every Day'
16. Michael Mansion Featuring Alina 'Heights (Exclusive HU Mix)'
17. Rampant & Obie v Darwin & Ant Johnson 'Twice Around The Moon (Chaos Remix)'
18. Ephexis & Seventy-7 'Quantum Fury'
19. Darwin 'Passion Is Obsession'
20. Robbie Long & Devastate 'PSA (Arkitech Remix)'


Packaged In Clear CD Album Jewel Case & Cardboard Case
144mm x 127mm x 13mm


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