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Kniteforce Records KFLP013 RARE & OBSCURE VOLUME 2 - 2000-2014
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DD1/1 - Unmixed
01. Skampy & Bustin 'Blaze It Up'
02. DJ Luna-C 'Piano Progression (Lockjaw Remix)'
03. Jimmy J & Cru-L-T 'Runaway (Reese Remix)'
04. DJ Luna-C & DJ TC 'Wot For, Not Sure'
05. Idealz 'Gloom'
06. DJ Luna-C 'The War'
07. Stargazer, Cloudskipper Reese 'The Great Escape'
08. DJ Luna-C 'Everybody's E'
09. The Mexican 'Speed Freak (Master Blaster)'
10. DJ Luna-C 'Dream Sequence'
11. DJ Luna-C & DJ TC 'The Nite'
12. DJ Luna-C 'Secret Weapon 2'
13. DJ Luna-C 'Madness In Dreams'


03.2014 >> Sales Info
"Here is a collection of the rarer later music that was scattered across various labels, including KFDigital, over time... the early stuff is on volume 1. I got these albums together mainly for the "worldwide" market that means the sort of fans who have never been to this site."




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